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Photo Gallery

Camp Hope, West Milford

New landscaping at Camp Hope, West Milford Landscape design and installation by Elaine Fogerty, MG Coordinator

Friendship Garden


Mike Kealy, Tony Molinari, Randy Hinton and Howard Aschoff


Pat Ludwig doing some base pruning

Rick Wild clearing brush

Ruth Bednarz, John Crowell, Sherry Calise, Randy Hinton, Pat Ludwig, and Rick Wild

A small group of Master Gardeners renovated the trail that joins the lower parking lot to the upper parking lot by installing 12 large steps.

Thanks to Dick Watts, Randy Hinton and Jack Sytsma

Howard Aschoff holding up the
freshly-painted flagpole

Tony Molinari installing a birdhouse, made from a
No.10 tomato can, in a crabapple tree

Patricia Ludwig and Sherry Calise installing Coreopsis

Laurelwood Arboretum

Jim McHugh (second from right) took a group of visitors from Four Seasons in Clifton on a tour of Laurelwood Arboretum.

Master Gardeners busy moving plants to make way for
the new Sensory Garden, which will be designed for the
enjoyment of people with disabilities


Bloomingdale Senior Center

The Bloomingdale Senior Center has been landscaped by a group of Master Gardener volunteers, led by Sonny Brennan, pictured below.






Holiday Open House








Great Falls State Park

On 10/22/09 the bulb planting program took place at the Great Falls National Park in Paterson

Ray Edel, Clarisavel Garcia, Elaine Fogerty, Leandra Garcia, Mrs. Garcia, Sarah Garcia, and Jack Sytsma


Clarisavel Garcia, Leandra Garcia,
Jack Sytsma, and Sarah Garcia


Mrs. Garcia, Elaine Fogerty, Jack Sytsma (hidden), Clarisavel Garcia, Jane Van Eeuwen, Sarah Garcia, Leandra Garcia, and Ray Edel

First Master Gardener Class - 1996
The Master Gardner Association of Passaic County is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. Below are some photos from the first Master Gardener class.

Marge Servidio working with a wheelchair-bound man during the first Horticultural Therapy program.

The bridge at The Knippenberg Estates, which is now named Laurelwood Arboretum.

The first class listening to a lecture at Snyder Research Farm.



The first Master Gardener clean-up of the Friendship Garden
at the Nike Base.

The list of names of the first Master Gardener Class.

Dr. Stan Kamaro, the first Master Gardener of Passaic County coordinator.