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What Kinds of Things do Master Gardeners do?

  • Rutgers Master Gardener Helpline
  • Gardening demonstrations
  • Horticultural therapy
  • Staffing information booths at county fairs and other public events
  • Research assistance
  • Harvesting and packing crops for food banks
  • Conduct educational lectures
  • Community and youth gardening
  • Continuing education
  • Design, plan, organize and record

What Projects are Passaic County Master Gardeners Involved in?

  • Bloomingdale Senior Center - Beautification Project
    Location: 103 Hamburg Tpke, Bloomingdale
    Project Coordinator/Leader: Sunny Brennan
    Nature of Project: Installation of Fence Panel and Arbor in 2016, plant and maintain existing plant beds, continue development of Mediation Garden and changing/maintaining 40 existing planters
    Meeting Time: Monday 9AM to Noon/1PM from April thru October

  • City Green
    Location: 171 Grove Street, Clifton (Shulthies Farm)
    Project Coordinator/Leader: Diane Behlen
    Nature of Project: Planting and maintaining gardens on weekly basis from spring to fall. Work is done under the guidance of City Green's horticultural director
    Meeting Time: Wednesdays 9:30AM - Noon, Wednesday 5:00 - Dusk

  • Clifton Boys and Girls Club
    Location: 180 Colfax Ave, Clifton
    Project Coordinators/Leaders: David Obssuth and Joan Kaynak
    Nature of Project: To have children learn to prepare, plant and identify vegetables and flowers as well as care for garden over the summer (weeding, watering, etc)

  • Clifton Library Main Memorial
    Location: 292 Piaget Ave, Clifton
    Project Coordinator/Leader: Kathy Sauerborn
    Nature of Project: Maintain Butterfly and vegetable garden, replace annuals and vegetables
    Meeting time: As announced

  • Dey Mansion
    Location: 199 Totowa Road, Wayne
    Project Coordinator/Leaders: Linda Wescott
    Nature of Project: Maintenance of Knot Garden
    Meeting time: As announced

  • Friends of Laurelwood Arboretum (FOLA)
    Location: 925 Pines Lake Drive, Wayne
    Project Coordinators/Leaders: Alice Moskowitz and Elaine Fogerty
    Nature of Project: Planting and maintaining Arboretum on weekly basis from spring to fall
    Meeting Time: Every Tuesday and Friday from 9 to Noon from April to October

  • Fr English Pantry Vegetable Garden
    Location: 435 Main Street, Paterson
    Project Coordinators/Leaders: Barbara Perino and Joe Di Giacomo
    Nature of Work: Assist and expand the vegetable garden to provide fresh produce to the pantry which serves approx. 5000 people/month. Establishment of butterfly garden for children.
    Meeting time: As announced
    Parking: In front of garden, or on Slater Street

  • Gardening for Hummingbirds Speaking Project
    Location: Various Locations
    Project Coordinator/Leader: Kathy Sauerborn
    Nature of Project: Educate public about plants that feed hummingbirds

  • Green A-Fair
    Location: William Paterson University, Wayne
    Project Coordinator/Leader: Joe Di Giacomo
    Nature of Project: Educate the public on best gardening tips, importance of sustainability (includes distributing materials on gardening, MG Help Line, Master Gardener Program, importance of soil testing and other "green" topics, etc.).
    Meeting Time: Annual Event

  • Hillcrest Community Garden
    Location: Intersection of Chamberlain and Rossiter Aves, Paterson
    Project Coordinator/Leader: Pat O'Connor
    Nature of Project: Seasonal maintenance of Garden, more specialized assistance may be possible as the Westside Park restoration proceeds.
    Meeting Time: As announced

  • Horticultural Therapy
    Locations: Chelsea at Bald Eagle, 197 Cahill Cross Road,West Milford,
    Lakeland Health Care, 25 Fifth Ave, Haskell (part of Wanaque)
    Project Coordinators/Leaders' Barbara Sanford and Renate Gudat
    Nature of Project: For seniors to enjoy the use of plants in their daily activities (3-4 projects per location)
    Meeting Time: As announced in Green Times, e-mail Barbara Sanford if you are attending

  • Horticultural Therapy South
    Location: Preakness Healthcare Center, Wayne
    Project Coordinator: Regina Imperato
    Nature of Project: To provide residents of long-term nursing facilities with horticultural therapy (2-3 projects per year: March, June and in the fall).
    Meeting time: As announced in Green times, e-mail Regina Imperato if you are attending

  • Horticultural Therapy- Llanfair House
    Location: Black 1140 Oak Ridge Rd, Wayne
    Project Coordinator: Margaret Kerstner/Helene Christie
    Nature of Project: Horticultural Therapy 4 times per year (March, June, Sept, and Dec)
    Meeting Time: As announced in Green Times; call or e-mail Helene Christy if you are attending

  • Lambert Tower
    Location: Garret Mountain, Woodland Park
    Project Coordinator/Leader: Mike Fowler
    Nature of Work: Planting plants on Tower Path
    Meeting Time: As announced

  • Master Gardener Herb Garden
    Location: Behind Extension Office (aka Nike), Wayne
    Project Coordinator: Joe Di Giacomo
    Nature of Work: replace herb plants sold at plant sale, divide and re-pot plants for plant sale, create window sill herb gardens, maintain existing garden
    Meeting time: As announced

  • Master Gardener Vegetable Garden
    Location: Behind Extension Office (aka Nike), Wayne
    Project Coordinator: Joe Di Giacomo
    Nature of Work: Master Gardeners will grow vegetables for harvesting and donation to food pantry at the Fr English Community Center in Paterson.
    Meeting Time: As announced

  • Monarch Butterfly Speaking Project
    Location: Various locations
    Project Coordinator/Leader: Kathy Sauerborn
    Nature of Project: Educate public about lifecycle of Monarch butterfly and milkweed

  • Morris Canal Park
    Location: Broad Street, Clifton
    Project Leader: Kathy Sauerborn
    Nature of Project: Restore native plants and remove invasives
    Meeting Time: As announced

  • New Jersey Botanical Garden (NJBG) - Lilac Garden
    Location: NJBG/Skylands/ Ringwood State Park, Morris Road, Ringwood
    Project Coordinators/Leaders: MartyTappan, Frank Dyer, Edith Wallace
    Nature of Work: To continue maintaining and enhancing the Skylands lilac garden that attracts over 1000 visitors each year.
    Meeting Time: As announced

  • New Jersey Botanical Garden (NJBG) - Woodland Wildflower Garden
    Location: NJBG/Skylands, Ringwood
    Project Coordinator/Leader - Darlene Nowak
    Nature of Work: Purchase and plant flowers for 3 seasons
    Meeting Time:Wednesdays 9:00AM - Noon

  • Passaic County Fair
    Location: Garret Mountain, Woodland Park
    Project Coordinators/Leaders: Kathy Sauerborn/Jo Ann Pituch
    Nature of Work: Educate public on various gardening related activities
    Meeting Time: Aug 18 - 21

  • Plant Sale
    Location: Extension Office (Nike), Wayne
    Project Coordinators/Leaders: Bill Lauber/Plant Sale Committee
    Nature of Work: Annual fundraiser held on Saturday after Mother's Day
    Meeting Time: Details announced each year

  • Preakness Healthcare - Butterfly Garden
    Location: 305 Oldham Road
    Project Coordinator: Rachael De Flumeri
    Nature of Work - Designing and planting a Butterfly Garden for the enjoyment of residents
    Meeting Times: To Be Announced

  • West Milford Animal Shelter Society
    Location: Lycosky Drive, West Milford
    Project Coordinator: Karla Nugent
    Nature of Work: Plant and maintain window boxes throughout the seasons, plant and maintain front sign area, weed and mulch entrance beds, etc.
    Meeting Time: Friday from 9AM to 11AM

Mums in Memory at Clifton's
9/11 Memorial


Bloomingdale Senior Center


Daffodils planted by Passaic County
Master Gardeners
at Great Falls State Park

Morris Canal Park, Clifton